8 Rules to overcome a #Breakup from #MasabaMasaba on Netflix


The moment we hear Masaba , we know thats the leading lady designer in India, But this blog is about anything but FASHION / DESIGN. Sometimes the pearls of advice flow from people you least expect as experience rolls better over proffession. So if you have seen the latest #Netflix series on Masaba – MasabaMasaba , You can skip this blog right now. Else go ahead and soothe your broken heart.

Watch the Trailer here for #MasabaMasaba , Now streaming on #Netflix

So here’s the best advice for you from the #HouseofMasaba rather I should call it #BREAKUP LIFE OF MASABA from the episode 2 of the season 1 of #MasabaMasaba & she calls it ” Masaba’s Breakup Bible

As they say a Picture speaks thousand words

Rule No 1 – Get Out of the Bed

I think everything starts with waking up, waking up from the fact…

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