Soil Organic Bistro Hyderabad


I keep visiting Hyderabad frequently for office work and always stay at Fortune Hotel on Banjara hills Road Number 12. This organic cafe is just 100 Mtrs from the hotel and I had been to this place while it was being done but this time I tried dinning in here for the first time as I landed at 9 and was in no mood to have hotel food, so just walked into the cafe at 10:30, since this place is adjacent and I had been planning to visit them from a very long time.

This place is next to a Hyper store which sells Organic food. And this cafe and organic store both are owned by same guy Mr. Shravan.

Now since this was my first visit, thought of picking something that I had never had before. My first pick here was a papaya juice and this was the best…

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Salon at Home by VLCC Vanity Cube


Being a working mother or for that matter when one becomes a mother the salon visits takes the last seat in things to do list and a mom is always divided in going or not going to a salon.

This goes to an extent that a mother does everything to keep extending her visit to a salon by weeks And in the efforts to do so one switches to full sleeves from half sleeves, sort dresses goes into jeans and all long format of dresses to hide off the unwaxed and uneven full growth of body hair. Eyebrows are always in thier natural state – fully grown, messy & out of shape. Facials, Mani pedicure are pure luxury always out of reach of every mother with kids under 2 yrs.
I had been through this phase and now have the luxury to go to salon on weekends and kill my…

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