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Pink Movie Review – “No means NO, But its a YES for the Movie “

Bold, satirical, hitting  you hard on the perception of a women in our society making people judge her character on how she is dressed, where she goes, how she talks, when she comes back home etc etc etc.

PINK A Film that has got a strong message , stunning acting , courtroom satire , thought steering on how the society behaves towards women, from a chauvinist male to a police officer, to neighbors judging their character on how they talk, behave, dress up.but when it comes to their own women behavior they have a different definition.


The movie revolves around three independent , modern day working women Meenal (Taapsee Pannu ) – Is a dancer and lives away from parents who stay in karolbagh , Andrea (Tariang ) – works with event management company  & Falak Ali ( Kirti Khullar ) – A corporate executive who had a relationship with a college professor. The story starts with the women trying to flea away from a place after an incident where a guy has got hurt and is profusely bleeding. They have met at a Rock concert and Meenal’s common friend introduces them to Rajveer and gang and then they went for dinner at a resort in Surajkund after drinks Rajveer tries to molest Meenal and that leads to this incident.

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Rajveer comes from a well connected family and thus lodges an FIR (7days after the incident ) with his political influence done on backdate and thus the trio lands up in court.

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Courtroom trials have the most interesting conversations where  erstwhile Lawyer Deepak Sehgal(Amitabh Bachaan ) very intensely fights for Meenal and women as a whole creating his thoughtful rules for girls that are followed by the society on dos and donts of a women. Piyush playing the Opposition lawyer had done commendable acting defending his client Rajveer and bringing all the facts to light.every character of the movie has done full justice to the movie and shows how strong the direction of the movie is. Mr Sehgal draws very strong statement how our feudal society follows different yardsticks to judge a man and a woman. Sehgal questioning  Meenal on her virginity to drinking habits makes up for intense courtroom trials. And from a women “No ” means N O  – no even if it comes from your wife or any women be it a sex worker.

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A story that is very well scripted with very strong punches that really hit you hard, dialogues which steer the state of our society and show the judgemental nature of people for women especially the working women, courtroom satire that lightens up the intense subject throughout the movie and gives you enough giggles or may be laughter for few like me , all in all its a must watch movie for all.

Though there are of things that end abruptly like Lawyer Deepak sehgal’s wife dies during the trial and there is only one scene displaying that , Deepak is a bipolar but that doesnt come out much in the film, also the girls have lodged a complain much before Rajveer’s FIR but that does not make up as an evidence to the court, the doctor after attending to rajveer insists for reporting of the incident but the boys denied, landlord being threatened by Rajveer’s gang  to throw the girls out of the house, the girls were not “FARAAR” as quoted by the SHO .Probably more than the emotional quotient of the girls if focus was more on evidences from there side, would have made it more intense.But all said and done its a great watch movie for sure.



#HappyBhaagJayegi Movie review


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Before you plan to go to this movie or looking for the movie review ,please  first decide / answer why you want to watch this movie or rather who do you want to watch this movie for.(from the cast)

Story – A girl – Happy ran away on the day of her wedding  and accidentally reaches Pakistan in a truck and founds herself at a budding politician house  who aspires to be a cricketer but is fulfilling his fathers dream of becoming a politician and change the history of Pakistan , is engaged to an influential businessman’s daughter Zoya. but the twist of events gets Happy’s fiancee , lover and father to Pakistan to get her back, thats the plot of this light hearted across the border comedy movie. playing on the cross country sentiments and with few strong punches to tickle you.

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If you are a Diana Penty fan you  dont have much choice but to watch it for sure ,as this is her second and scores a 2 too for Diana as Happy out of 5.a pretty face , could have been used better , could have been a stronger lead character  as the title claims rather then just being a cute loud mouth giving headache to many in the movie and literally a heartache to her fans with her dead gorgeous  looks, looked stunning throughout the movie  and has that killing  charismatic  smile. So in spite of an average acting its her beauty you can pick this one for. not to miss this was the most uncalled jhansi ki rani portrayal of Happy in the entire movie. isnt it so tanu weds manu.Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.57.53 AM


Why should you Watch this one ?

A must watch for Abhay deop , Piyush Mishra and jimmy shergil fans.These three are completely outstanding ,

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definitely hitting a four

Bilal (Abhay Deol ) – Son of the Pakistani governor referred as junior in the movie destined to change the history of Pakistan as per his father, Bilal with his good looks, perfect & the strongest character , beautifully written and well portrayed. a gentlemen to the core completely stands out. Few very strong dialogues from winning his girl over in just a scene to expression of feelings for Happy , his narration of facts and events is too good through out the movie.If you love him you simply cant miss this one and is a recommended watch.


Piyush Mishra  ( Affridi ) is definitely going to make you fall in love with his pakistani avatar with a lot of urdu alfas. a comedy that is knit with the words from urdu and taking you on a laugh riot , to his version of a desire to have everything in Pakistan from gandhi to  galib to  kapil dev to Taj Mahal etc. his love for pakistan is hilarious and the way he has played the comical character is worth a watch. a 4 out of 5 in this one for his role and dialogues and outstanding comic timing.

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Main kaab dullla banuga – 3 pictures kar li.


Bagga (Jimmy shergil )– Probably jimmy has come a long way from his early chocolaty version. you might feel this is a sequel of Tanu weds manu (Oh sorry it isnt but yes its the same team so midas touch continues )and to an extent for jimmy’s character –  yes !  it is. but he has some very powerful punch that are repetitive throughout the movie but gets you to laugh. From tere Bhai ki shaadi to Card chaap gaye hai , his illustration of his spends on the wedding, dancing on yara oh yara . so yes you can watch this if you are a Jimmy shergil fan or loved him in Tanu weds manu

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 3.32.30 AM.png
Game of politics

Zoya (Momal Sheikh’s debut role ) — this new face has done brilliant acting where she did most of the acting through her eyes. looked pretty and a very strong character ,well written and very well portrayed.


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 2.51.45 AM
Role small thaa toh kya, shaadi toh mujshe hi huyi

Guddu (Ali Zaffar )–  the guy who plays the lover of Happy  is a cute , sweet madly in love with Happy , though he had played to his character but didnt had much to play to.

There are a lot of characters who tried to deliver the best they could in the screen space they had , few did it well while few terribly  fail to do so and looks completely forced and stretched.

So is the end of the movie that goes completely out of track and comes across as a  work to wrap the film quickly. While Bilal is not expressing his feelings for happy  and helping the duo – Happy and Guddu get married to each other does give it uncomplicated ending. but still the 2nd part could have been overall an abrupt ending while still a lot of across border punches.