Papa Buns now in Indirapuram


When you see a new concept in food retailing , you always want to have it around ,  nearer to your resident so that you don’t have to wish for a time machine to help you in the hour of craving. 

Ever since the Satyaniketan store of Papa Bun started appearing in Insta feeds, I was so looking forward to visit this place as it was doing Fresh breads menu ( May be subway of India – We bake every day ). And never knew when you are seeking for something it’s equally  seeking for you. 

Mr Amit Mathur – a food enthusiast himself decides to open a Papa Bun in Indirapuram at a walking distance from my place. And I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to just go and grab these yummy looking bread and bun dishes, probably that’s where they have got this name “Papa Buns”…

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Coffee for thought at Cafe pluck 


The best day in a coffee addicts life is when he or she gets an invite for a coffee roast session. Well this may not be as laughable as any other roast but this coffee evening was beyond just good coffee and good food. There was so much coffee for thought that one’s mind is ought to get caffeinated.

So no prize for guessing the venue well off course it was cafe Pluck at Hotel Pullman at Aerocity New Delhi. And this was a coffee loaded evening when we got to go through the entire process of coffee roasting to a refreshing coffeelicious evening.


The green coffee beans that might not look very green but it’s the raw coffee beans which are definitely not much palatable. So how we make such an addict able drink out of not so palatable coffee beans,  well the trick is in roasting them and…

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