18+ Cafe & Lounge – New place on the Block in Noida



So heres a new place in Sector 41 , adjacent to the “Theos ” that definitely grabs your attention right from the road. 18+ I am sure hits you in more than one way, This quirky , nicely done place is a great stop over for cafe lovers and foodies off course. Since its right across a lot of residential society , so one thing you are ought to fall in love with is the menu.


The space is beautifully designed creating a lot of spaces with very unique decor, Entry has garden look on the left  with lots of green and high rise  table sitting and a nicely done comfortable sofa  sitting for the romantic dine out.


As you move further the entire wall keeps you engaged with lots of fun posters with lovely messaging on the entire left side while the entire right wall and the bar area…

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Chawla 2 – Chawla’s Experience redefined


Chawla’s 2 is one of the most common brand name that  is present in most of the locations serving  authentic north indian cuisine. So all i knew about Chawlas was this is one  restaurant generally found in most of the locations as a quick take away or partial dine in option  and not just that i have come across a lot of Chawla’s like the Agarwal sweets one around everywhere with names like  Chawlas, Chalwa chicken corner, Chawla tandoori junction etc etc  But this Chawla’s 2 ( read as Chawla’s Square ) was the best chawla’s experience ever. And changed my perception about this name completely with such fine experience that stayed more than its food in my system.

A restaurant that is very beautifully done  right from the entry till the dine in area and even the washroom . The lights are just apt for the ambience and a great…

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Everything Nice and Sweet – NIICE CREAM


It’s not about the Destination , It’s about the Journey to get there ” and this is probably so true in this case when you can have so much fun in the journey of placing the order to watching your order being made, a true delight to your eyes and senses.

I have been to the Saket store before, but this visit was way more interesting as i could thankfully explore much beyond their ice creams – the flavors, the innovative products and wide range of offering from this Brand.

And now having experienced Niice cream in this depth I can strongly recommend Niice cream to anyone and everyone who loves ice creams. and if thats not your reason enough then answer the following to yourself.

You must visit NIICE Cream 

  • if you have a sweet tooth
  • if you are a dessert lover
  • if you love ice creams 
  • if you…

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Niice Cream – Really nice Ice creams


When we were kids and mom used to make ice cream in the refrigerate back home. Me and my sister would constantly keep opening the fridge and poking our little finger to check if the ice cream is done or not and when it was done it always had our finger imprints and mom would get to know that we lost patience and have checked the ice cream before she did.


This particular place reminded me of those times when making ice cream was equally fun as relishing it. And this place gave me that kick and thrill of getting my ice cream made in just few minutes right in front of my eyes. So let’s have a look at Liquid nitrogen Ice cream at #NiiceCream in DLF Place Saket.

While we were passing by the store the over excited Niice cream team approached us to have a look at…

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Amritsari Tawa Salmon Recipe


This was the one of the best  recipes of the 3 recipes, I could attend the Live Demo of. I don’t have to convince you much as the name says it all. Yes a Salmon preparation with full  on amritsari twist, If you love pindi chole and fish then this fusion is just perfect for you. Pindi channa is cooked separately and Tawa salmon is cooked separately, and then arranged to create this Amritsari Tawa Salmon. This recipe is presented as it , as per the demo recipe i saw in the live cooking session at Masterclass at Foodhall


Ingredients for 1 portion recipe

  • Tawa Salmon
    • Norwegian Salmon fillet ( with skins cut into pieces )- 3 pcs
    • Ginger Garlic paste – 1/2 tsp
    • Carom seeds – 1/4 tsp
    • Red chilli powder 3/4 tsp (Kashmiri lal mirch suggested for color)
    • kasturi methi (dried & crushed ) – 1/2 tsp
    • garam masala…

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Light Camera Action on Terrace this Winter


This was the first time when I was attending a Foodie Meet up in Rajouri garden  so far this area was a forbidden land for me. But with so much action happening at the Restaurants in West Delhi , being a foodie you can’t stay away for long anyways .

Was invited for a meet up by The Brandilicious team , at LIGHT CAMERA ACTION – Air Bar, winters can’t get better than this.

So here i was on one of the most spacious terrace looking straight to the metro track and a metro passing every 5 minutes adding to the music of saaddi Delhi as they call. One thing that i just loved about the Terrace was the sitting arrangements and the colors. They hadso much of space still not cluttered , so much of colors but still not over the top, so much sunshine but still doesn’t give you a…

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Foodhall Masterclass with Norwegian Salmon


Nothing is more exciting for foodies than being invited to a masterclass with experts in a cuisine who not only share the recipes but enrich us with so much knowledge around that cuisine and  food as a whole.


Foodhall along with Norwegian Seafood council for India had organized for a hands on live demo of few amazing and easy to make recipes with this fresh Water fish Salmon. Before we get into the dishes and recipes lets understand this fish.

whatsapp-image-2016-12-16-at-11-31-21-pm-2 Salmon Kebabs on Display in Meat section

In college i have studied about this fish , they have a beautiful journey where they are born in fresh water then go to sea and are back in fresh water to reproduce. during this time they have a lot of skin color changes. So Salmon pronounced as Saemen (L silent ), Norway is among one of the largest producer of these fishes…

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