The Junction – A Beautiful Stop Over 


When you go to a place that has lot of green around. A place that houses more flowers in the restaurant then the cutlery in its kitchen, lot of open space,  lots of platers and quite a few trees too.

This junction is a amalgamation of lots of cute little spaces done in a very beautiful way. Whenever I see some green area / lawn / garden / water body in a restaurant, the only thing that I have on my mind is that I am going to come back to this place with my kids.

This is one big place that is beautifully crafted and has so many small spaces to fall in love with the cuisines it houses. 

Getting to food well I started with my all time favorite virgin Pinacolada being a coconut and a pineapple lover this is always on my list. And virgin marry being…

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Relish & Rewind at United Coffee House Rewind


United Coffee House Rewind – UCHRewind at Dlf Mall of India , Noida is unique in a lot of ways.

From  the cool blue color exterior, a colored version of the original place at Connought Place (CP) to this really cool sitting space which is very well utilized to offer maximum sitting, the elaborate menu that seriously spoils you with choices and off course a see through kitchen.

Normally Sunday’s are like those lazy days when you have already stepped into Monday blues. And after a heavy breakfast you are not able to decide whether to go out for Lunch or have a light one at home. Same happened with us and we thought of stepping out to Dlf Mall India for lunch.

This Mall really spoils you with a lot of dine-in choices.We finally settled down for UCHRewind as I wanted to have my coffee and my husband wanted…

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Some Earth from Native Roots

Few of us have experiences from our childhood where we have seen earthen cookwares from handi , matki to tawa and few more. I loved  my tea in kullad just like the smell of earth after the first rain in monsoon- soundi soundi mitti ki kushboo. Milk boiled in earthen pots that had s different taste, Curd made in earthen pot the consistency was out of this world.

“In Ayurveda, Pancha Mahabhuta theory states that everything in the physical creation is composed of these 5 elements, Akaash (Ether), Vaayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (Water) & Prithvi (Earth). We at Native Roots have dream to make available products that are rationally inspired by Pancha Mahabhuta and bring about a healthy world through active Natural and Organic intervention.” – Thats what the about us section of Native Roots reads at


Cooking utensils and drinking tumblers 

Had been to Select CITYWALK yesterday and on my way out , I was stuck on this small counter that had various earthen pots on display. And as i started evaluating that i should or i should not pick since had no plans to pick up anything, Mr Mishra at the counter smiled and said all of this is made of earth (mitti) and are sourced from Orissa and are on display to promote and sell the products made by artisians back there..

Cooking wares – 100% Microwave safe 


I got pretty interested and asked him so what does he do, he said he is a lawyer by profession and his wife is in  IT. he is doing this work out of passion for this work and supporting  the artisians. All the utensils are microwave safe and are reusable. The best part of the cookwares are that they can be used on the gas too for cooking.

Mr. R.N. Mishra spreading a bit of Earth from Orissa at Select CITYWALK 

So what all you may pick from “Native Roots ” , well the options are many from bowls, to tumblers, to plates, thalis, tava, kadai, cooking wares etc etc. So do explore the earthen ware for a toxin free cooking.

What is the procedure for upkeep,well thats also very simple , just wash them with luke warm water and a pinch of salt. Isnt that really easy. The most important fact why i am seriously vouching for these earthenwares is that these are toxin free and completely eco friendly. We all have read or heard that the utensils made of melamine are very hazardous and the colors which are used to beautify these utensils are further dangeous, so the earthen wares from natie roots are a great relief from such toxicated utensils. I have picked the following and looking forward to add more to my kitchen really soon.

My pick from Native Roots 

My strong recomendation for these products is Earthen tumblers for your special Tea / Milk. Using the cooking ware for making curd or making curry dishes.

And the pricing is also quite affordable. Bowls for Rs. 30/- each, Tumbler for Rs. 50/- and that deep serving cum cooking dish for Rs. 400/- only.

Using the earthen pots is like going back to roots yet staying modern and eco friendly.




Auto fiesta 2017 – New Delhi Edition

What is Luxury for Auto Lovers (Read Cars & Bikes)?

My answer would be “Auto Fiesta 2017” in its first edition hosted at the luxury destination of the capital – DLF Emporio Mall & another premium mall of the city – DLF Promenade Mall , Vasant kunj New Delhi.The entire concept of this auto extravaganza is created and executed  by Excel Experimental Marketing. This is first time ever a  AUTO FIESTA is being hosted in Vasant Kunj displaying 28 cars and bikes at DLF Promenade & Emporio Mall.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 11.52.57 PM.png

This exceptional Auto Show is something that cant be missed out this weekend. Catch a glimpse of the most amazing automobiles at the Auto Fiesta from 17th – 19th February, 2017.


If you are in love with cars and bikes and cant take your eyes off when you see these power pact machines pass by you especially the ones you dont own but desire to have one , the Living transformers  who not only transfer us from one place to another but completely transforms  our life adding to our style statement , fueling our passion for speed, the machines are never ending aspirational time pieces. You buy one and you start desiring for another one.


If you relate with any of the above then this is one place you should be heading straight to, Yes Auto Fiesta is that one place that has bought your most sought after Luxurious and premium auto makers under two roofs  in the town. If you love the vehicles from AUDI, JEEP, BMW, FIAT, TOYOTA, SKODA, HARLEY DAVIDSON, MAHINDRA, MERCEDES BENZ, RENAULT, DUCATI etc. etc. then just head to this mall and ask them all what you always  wanted to know  about these cars and bikes, book one if you love to own one of them. 

Motoarts – toys for big boys

Motoarts – Toys for big boys (sounds super cool isn’t it ) – don’t miss this display for simply the amazing display of a lovely vintage vehicle which is also one of the most sought after posing arena. The are making electric cars for off road purposes. Now you might wonder why would someone want a vehicle if it is for off roads. Well then the answer is these are ideal for a runabout or moving people around orchards , hotels, resorts, farms,servicing guests in cottages,societies. They are experts in creating custom electric cars according to the needs and requirements. Not just that they also replicate vintage cars, bikes and create automobile furniture and wooden handicraft. Just visit there stall to pose with a vintage car – a striking red one. if you wish to get their service just call them at 7088297777/ 9897917777 or simply mail them at






Excel Marketing is one of the  well known and leading agency for malls and corporate park activations across India. Auto displays is one of the broadest  portfolio in mall Displays which we had been doing for over years now , so having done that for so long , we thought of doing something that was never done at these Malls (DLF), and A GRAND AUTO Fiesta was the most obious thing to do seeing the outstanding response across malls in country for Auto Displays at various Mall. We are very happy with the response we have recieved from people visiting the Mall, seriously we are overwhelmed with the response so far and plan to come up with edition 2 really soon ” says Manish Jain & Ashok Bisht , Co-founders for  Excel Experimetal Marketing Pvt Ltd the brain behind this Fiesta.

 The event got even  grander! when Para-Olympic silver medalist Deepa Malik visited  DLF Promenade today  to witness the exuberant event Auto fiesta 2017.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-18 at 11.43.41 PM.jpeg
Para Olympic Silver Medalist – Deepa Malik & Ashok Bisht – Co Founder ,Excel Marketing


So if its about Cars and Bikes how can music stay away from it, when the drums roll and cars vroom, thats how the entire ambience rocked with an stunning performance bythe drummers of WOT .


The most awaited event Auto Fiesta has begun in full swing.Visit these malls for an awesome auto show &  Catch a view of exciting cars and accessories in the auto car show at “Auto Fiesta 2017 “

EXCEL AUTO Fiesta BMW India Mercedes-Benz India Ducati Harley-Davidson JeepToyota India Audi India Renault India Land Rover #WOT #WorldOfTalent Fiat India Audi India Mahindra TUV300 ŠKODA India 

Fresh & Healthy – Culinate


A Sunday is always heavy on lunch as everyone at home is actually home.

But this Sunday was different as nothing was soaked a day before ( generally its Rajma / Chole ). So thought of exploring on something new and Culinate came handy with their wide range of menu. Literally for once I was like what to pick, though the home page gives you an easy pick of creating a combo box from a range of option to choose from  soup, salad, sandwiches, juices etc and a dedicated section for Breakfast too.

Dont be confused on what to pick as they are going to spoil you with choices which is unliely for a online delivery site. This had the widest menu of all the orders done so far epsecially online.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.32.44 PM.png

Most of the food option are from Mediterarean , Mexican, Thai and japanese cuisines. But one thing is common across the…

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Naturally No Place is as Original as Mom’s Kitchen



Well that’s not what the title is, that’s a line from my favorite ice cream parlor, Yes! it non other than Naturals Ice Cream. Imagine I have always carried kilos of this Ice cream from Mumbai ever since 2011 when i first got introduced to this during one of my visit to this city – Mumbai.

As far as history of Natural ice cream  goes this was established in 1984 in Mumbai, they are pioneers in making artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar with  no preservatives or stabilizers in their product. This Ice cream point is the brain child of  by Mr. R S Kamath, CMD of Kamaths Ourtimes ice creams Pvt. Ltd.


So why am i writing a blog on this, well i was amazed to see the size of this place , everyday on by way to office i passed this place…

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