Dinner at CafeOn3 – Holiday Inn


East Delhi off late has become the place that houses some really cool places in form of fine dine restaurants and cafes at the Hotels. So while I am always looking for something nearer to my place to step out for Dinner. This place while I get down from DND flyover was on my list for quite sometime and finally I could make it out on the Eve of EId.

CafeOn3 is on third floor as the names already states that loud and clear at Holiday inn Mayur vihar. Nicely spread buffet dinner with a lot of options

Starters : Probably each one always have some favorite in this segment and CafeOn3 did complete justice to the weather outside with the Bhujiya corner that was serving freshly fried Bhujiya and the variety was outstanding.

A chef is always at the counter to help you with your curated bahjiya plate, hot…

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Punjab Food Festival Amritsar


Amritsar for me was always for work, But thanks to Punjab Food Festival hosted by Dainik Jagran at the historic Gobindgarh Fort this time this leisure trip turned out to be a delicious one.

So before I take you to the culinary journey at Punjab Food Festival, let’s have a look at the History of this historic Heritage property – Gobindgarh Fort.

So as the History goes, In the 18th Century, Punjab was ruled by clans called Misls. It was in the 1760s that Gujar Singh Bhangi, – a local chieftain- built this as a mud fortress- and it came to be known as “Bhagian da Qilla”. They owned it till 1809 for almost 49 years. With some conspiracy by a trader this was won over by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and he ruled this fort for 40 years and named this fort as “Gobindgarh Fort ” after the 10th Shikh…

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Be the change this Republic Day


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With the upcoming Republic Day, some of us are happy that it’s a long weekend so we can chillax or travel, some would be excited for the Republic Day celebrations with their building friends or at school while some would enjoy the Republic Day parade on TV. Everyone has their reason to look up to it.

This Republic Day we bring you different dimensions of celebrating the big day for our country. I Thank Jyoti for sending the blog train to my station, hosted by Wigglingpen.

For most of us, we have not witnessed the Independence Revolution and the process of climbing every step to celebrate being Republic, we have just read in our textbooks. So, do we value it in the true sense? I keep on wondering and dwell deep inside my heart many a time to find some answers.

The first feeling which always pops up is that…

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Lohri Farzified at Farzi Cafe


Lohri is a South Asian bonfire festival and a seasonal celebration which originated in Punjab, NorthIndia. Falls on 13th of January every year , a day before Makra Sankranti.This date marks the coldest day in northern India and the winter solstice – the shortest day and longest night – as well as the start of the harvest season.

So when you have such a small day you have to do what you wish to do quickly and have a great good night sleep. My way of making a day worth it is , to pick a place that serves you good food , as food makes for every celebration as a special day. So here I am at Farzi Cafe having the Lohri special Menu , and trust me a Lohri lunch with a curated menu is a great way of having a Happy Lohri.

# Bhuttia Aur Palak…

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New Year Resolution 2018 


We all do this, and we all keep it for that 1 Day itself. As we all live the entire years resolution in just a day.

Herein I have my list of resolution for this year. Which I am writing for you to follow since I am only going to try to adhere to it. It’s a tough list to live up to, but let’s see if we can

  • Switch off your social Media for a day : We have come to a point in life that not having our mobile phones around makes us more lonely then ever. But let’s start with the toughest one. Don’t post any new year messages on 1st Jan 2018. Dont forward any near year cards JPEG – GIFs or Videos on what’s app just for a day. It will not make much of a difference either by wishing on 1st itself. After all…

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20 Winter Comfort food


Winter happens to be one of my favorite season, not just the wardrobe gets a complete make over the food is also avail in lot more colors than what we get in every other season. Good food, and food to keep you warm through the chilly cold weather is something that I am  going to highlight in this blog. This will answer to all your winter food queries with a quick guide on 20 best winter food rather 20 must have comfort winter food to keep yourself healthy.

1.Roots and leafy vegetables: In India winters are synonym to various saags ( green leafy vegetables ) that are  available in plenty on all vegetable vendors/ hawkers, in all restaurants etc etc. Punjab is famous for Makke di roti with Sarso ka saag and across all north Indian restaurants this becomes the dish to be relished and is only available in…

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