International Coffee Day Special


Coffee is the most loved beverages in the world.If you are a coffee lover , I don’t need to tell you what a cup of ☕ Coffee means to you.A Coffee date had been one of the most romantic conversations one can have because you don’t have to focus on food , all you need to do is just keep sipping some aromatic coffee while your eyes are glued on the face of your loved ones and this definitely fuels romance while having a conversation.Every year 1st October across the world is celebrated as International coffee day and this day recognises the millions of people across the globe from farmers, to roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners and more this day, people across the world recognize the efforts of those who are associated with the coffee industry.

So here I am collating my recent coffee experiences.During lockdown since visiting a cafe…

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8 Rules to overcome a #Breakup from #MasabaMasaba on Netflix


The moment we hear Masaba , we know thats the leading lady designer in India, But this blog is about anything but FASHION / DESIGN. Sometimes the pearls of advice flow from people you least expect as experience rolls better over proffession. So if you have seen the latest #Netflix series on Masaba – MasabaMasaba , You can skip this blog right now. Else go ahead and soothe your broken heart.

Watch the Trailer here for #MasabaMasaba , Now streaming on #Netflix

So here’s the best advice for you from the #HouseofMasaba rather I should call it #BREAKUP LIFE OF MASABA from the episode 2 of the season 1 of #MasabaMasaba & she calls it ” Masaba’s Breakup Bible

As they say a Picture speaks thousand words

Rule No 1 – Get Out of the Bed

I think everything starts with waking up, waking up from the fact…

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Onam Special Sadhya – Home delivered by Conosh


Sadhya – An auspicious Onam meal that’s served as lunch and is a Vegetarian Meal, comprises of over 23 + dishes and is served on a Banana leaf. This is a celebration meal and a Onam tradition in Kerala.

I experienced this maha spread during the #SouthSideStory hosted by RedFM last year and had the opportunity to experience it 3 times with #Mahabelly – a Restaurant in saket serving Kerala cuisine . Further had a dine in experience with #MalabarKitchen in Noida. So this year with Pandemic I was sure I am not going to step out for Sadhya Meal.

But Miles&Meals had a different plan to surprise me on the eve of Onam, Miles&Meals is the blog hosted by Ruchi who is a food blogger , home baker & a special menu curator with #Conosh.

Conosh is an online platform for experiences & food delivery from Homechefs and they…

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GujRaj Platter from Eventia Kitchen

YAARA – “Homage” to friendship and a “riveting take” on crime narrative coming on ZEE5 this Friendship’s Day

During the lockdown, we all have binged watched so much content on OTT platforms that most of us have developed a taste for genres that initially we would probably not pick.Intense stories from north India with thrilling plots- Crime Thrillers is one such space I have started watching across the OTT Platforms.So when ZEE5 dropped […]

YAARA – “Homage” to friendship and a “riveting take” on crime narrative coming on ZEE5 this Friendship’s Day

Wholewheat & Gram flour Burfi


When it comes to Indian sweets , i love making them more than anything. Most of the time it reminds me of my mother making it and rest I personally love every indian sweets.

So today I am going to use the leftover from the Ghee making ( I mix half a bowl of Whole wheat flour while making ghee ), this Leftover mixture of Ghee and Whole wheat flour is an excellent base for making cake , halwa and Sweets. The benefit of using this is ,I don’t have to add any Ghee in the recipe and is healthy too. So let’s have a look at the ingredients.

1. 1 bowl Ghee left over ( wholewheat + Ghee residue )

2. 1 Bowl Besan ( Gram flour )

3. 3/4 bowl Jaggery powder or Peice of Jaggery

4. Handful Almond, Raisins & Cardamoms -2

Since my kids don’t like…

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Changing face of the Restaurant Industry in Corona (COVID 19) Times


People will never stop eating, and eating out is more of a social expression than just the act of eating. It’s about coming together for that chit chat over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or simply a formal meeting, a celebration of its own kind even when it’s just a casual meet up. Quite literally change is the only constant and in this constant, even the places serving food are innovating themselves to the new normal that everyone is adapting to.

Just like the paper tissue earlier on the table in a restaurant, now wearing a mask and sanitizing is going to be a part of eating out. Wearing masks in public is already a new normal and so is a sterilizing solution bottle, You may not have considered washing hands every time you stepped into a fine dining earlier but sterilizing hands is going to be…

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Food for Acne Free Skin


Like every other teenager if you have struggled with acne prone skin then food has remedies for you to combat skin acnes.

After all the best remedies comes out of what you eat and makes all the difference in keep you fresh and glowing.

So here’s a quick guide on food that can help you fight acne.

#Oranges : Oranges are synonymous for vitamin C , that’s what comes to our mind as we think of Oranges. they rejuvenate skin cell’s and smoothen and depigmnent skin for a glowing tone. And that’s much needed for the skin that has suffered acne or have acne.

Tomatoes : Now who doesn’t like tomatoes. Slice a peice and rub it on ur skin for a glowing and black heads free skin. The good antioxidants in tomatoes neutralizes free radicals responsible for skin ageing.

#Avocado : Avocadois packed with lauric acid which…

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Food to Build Immunity to fight Corona virus ( Covid-19)


With so many countries across the world having exponential growth of Corona virus patients , the panic around this outbreak is increasing beyond imagination.Fear of being infected is leading to a lot of anxiety that is making our body go in a stress mode , and this will only make our immune system weak , further making the stressed individuals more vulnerable to fall sick.

You may start showing certain symptoms due to anxiety which will make you evaluate your state and you may further panic making the situation grave for yourself.It’s about time to build Immunity by relying on food and increasing the consumption of food that calms you down and offers you strength to fight back.

Ayurveda offers solutions through food that is not a cure for Corona virus ( as there is no vaccine as of now for Corona anyways ) , but will help you have…

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