MeBo – Meal in a Bowl 


Meal in a bowl is a new way of having a wholesome meal in a bowl. A quick bite that’s healthy and easy to eat.If you haven’t already heard of them, then you are really missing on some cool food trends. Meal bowls also referred as Power bowls are the hot new food trends in metro cities. Made from grains, greens and protein, they’re a nutritionally dense way to eat a healthy meal that’sa lot more filling than just a salad and definitely high on nutrient content.

My first encounter with this concept happened a decade back when I first tried the Subway salads. Though modern day meal in a bowl are far more advanced version of the same.

So here I am sharing my first experience with meal in Bowl Delivery and take away option MeBo – , An app / web based food ordering…

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UCH Rewind Now at DLF Cyberhub


We all have showered our love for United Coffee House at CP. Now with the second outlet of UCH Rewind opening in DLF Cyberhub Gurugram , the food platter scene seems more promising then ever for Gurugram wallas.

This November UCH Rewind opened its door for Gurgaon food lovers at DLF Cyberhub. With most of its signature dishes and drinks I have found more food to love at this outlet.
I have been to Noida outlet and just loved it truly with signature JamunRita and the sizzler( read the experience here). At gurugram I discovered this outlet serving some really exciting and more of my favorite food.

#QueensTaleMocktail : Tea, cranberry, mint , strawberry and peach blended in a chilled mocktail.

#DaryaganjGiantSamosha : Yes as the name suggests ,this is one is not only giant but also loaded with dry fruits and is…

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Radisson Gurugram – Hotel Experience redefined


Country Inn & Suites by Carlson , Udyog Vihar this week announced
its rebranding to Radisson Gurugram Udyog Vihar – a brand synonymous with outstanding service and comfort. It is the first Radisson hotel situated in the millennium city of Gurugram, Yes because its the first hotel as you hit the Toll and nearest to the Airport as well from Gurgaon. So if you are in Gurugram on business or leisure. Think no further and hit this hotel, why you ask ?  Well there are many reasons to make you do this.

Save Time & Money

Strategically located in the business district of Udyog Vihar, the hotel has completely reinvented itself to better serve its discerning guests with its signature Yes I Can! SM service philosophy. The hotel provides quick and easy access to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi through a 15 minutes drive and is situated within…

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Benefits of Radish & a radish recipe



Radish commonly caller Mooli is not loved by many and is a veggie that has got more jokes on its consumption than the commonly known benefits.

So why should we include this wonder veggie in our list , here’s few points to consider.

High source of Vitamin C Radish can contribute 25% of your daily requirements with 100gm consumption helps rebuild tissues , blood vessels and also keeps your teeth and bones healthy.

Aids digestion: Radish is high on fiber as they contain indigestible carbohydrates,this keeps your system flushed and functioning with regularity. and these properties also makes it an ideal veggie to relieve congestion.

Cures cold and cough: with its anti-congestive properties Radish helps in clearing the mucus formed in your throat, thus it’s important to include in your diet to improves your immunity.

Prevents Cancer :Since radish is rich in phytochemicals and anthocynins serving as anti-carcinogenic properties. Additionally…

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Zomato Gold – Exclusive Club Membership


Few Memerships are always priceless while others can be bought. But having a membership always boosts the quality and availability of the service to its members,

After Successfully launching Zomato Gold with 300 partner restaurants & Bars in UAE in march , zomato is all geared with the Gold in India and currently inviting sign ups for the same.

This happens while you open up your zomato profile with an exclusive invite.The moment you click on being added for the same, you get a congrats message of being added as member.


So what do you get if you become a Zomato gold member, well the answer is  its a jackpot only where you are entitles for buy 1 get 1 on food & drinks. I am sure this rings bells for most of us.

The page clearly marks out why you should become a member



  1. Enjoy a…

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