Sweetness of faith at Haridwar

A Traveller’s Wish List

Where rests the soul, where records of families are found and where the sweetest malpuas are eaten after the yummiest aloo-poori

har ki pauri1 Har ki Pauri, Haridwar; Photo courtesy

Words: Ambica Gulati

The door of Hari opens for all here. It is after all one of the seven sacred cities for the Hindus. It is also one of the four cities where the drops of amrit fell while Garuda was flying with the pitcher of amrit for the devatas, so say the scriptures. It is the city where the holy Ganga takes everyone in her bosom, carrying them back to where they belong. It’s also the city where you can wash off all your sins, find solace in doing nothing and making attempts to merge with the creator. And it’s also a city which makes for a spiritual weekend escape from Delhi. After a stressful month, inspired by the movie Dum…

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Papa Buns now in Indirapuram


When you see a new concept in food retailing , you always want to have it around ,  nearer to your resident so that you don’t have to wish for a time machine to help you in the hour of craving. 

Ever since the Satyaniketan store of Papa Bun started appearing in Insta feeds, I was so looking forward to visit this place as it was doing Fresh breads menu ( May be subway of India – We bake every day ). And never knew when you are seeking for something it’s equally  seeking for you. 

Mr Amit Mathur – a food enthusiast himself decides to open a Papa Bun in Indirapuram at a walking distance from my place. And I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to just go and grab these yummy looking bread and bun dishes, probably that’s where they have got this name “Papa Buns”…

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Coffee for thought at Cafe pluck 


The best day in a coffee addicts life is when he or she gets an invite for a coffee roast session. Well this may not be as laughable as any other roast but this coffee evening was beyond just good coffee and good food. There was so much coffee for thought that one’s mind is ought to get caffeinated.

So no prize for guessing the venue well off course it was cafe Pluck at Hotel Pullman at Aerocity New Delhi. And this was a coffee loaded evening when we got to go through the entire process of coffee roasting to a refreshing coffeelicious evening.


The green coffee beans that might not look very green but it’s the raw coffee beans which are definitely not much palatable. So how we make such an addict able drink out of not so palatable coffee beans,  well the trick is in roasting them and…

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Too Indian : Too much to shop 


So while everyone is hitting on the Innovative food that this place is serving. I am dead sure this place must be serving great food undoubtedly coming from the makers of imly, its ought to happen. So giving food a miss, food2go4 decided to look around at this shoppers paradise on the first visit after the launch of this place.

And this place truly had too much to offer and everything too Indian. Too Indian is planned with an eye to every single detail. No wonder this place was conceived almost 11 months ago and the makers Mr. Varun Puri & Mr. Hemant had nurtured this place really well more than what a mother could.

I had been hunting for a place where I can take my kids & engage them in something constructive & this place will do the job of engaging and entertaining the kids. A sitting that…

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Lotus Pond – A classy Chinese restaurant since 1992


Few places don’t change & that’s what there strength is. And that makes them stand out from the rest of the lot. 

The love for food & travel takes me places , and I love exploring places that had been there for a long time. Probably their longer stint and still going strong talks a lot about their core DNA of being in the business of wooing customers with great food & unmatched experience.Started in 1992, this place had been serving amazing Chinese food  since then at New defense colony just adjoining hotel Surya Plaza.

Lotus pond is going to be the first restaurant on my list where I would want to take my family out for lunch or dinner when they visit me in Delhi And want to saver Chinese cuisine. 

Why you ask?

Well the answer is in the below picture. Yes a place that can house us…

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Time to clock in at The Clock Tower 


It’s very rare that you visit a property that is spread a across floors, well finding a restaurant that’s spread across floors is easy but finding one that is a huge stand alone restaurant , spread across 3.5 floors is really something outstanding.Not just the building it’s more exciting to see different themes being followed across the spaces created and this place has it all.wooden walls,  wooden flooring,  wooden furniture , it’s like as if you are sitting in the woods somewhere in Stockholm or Shimla or may be a hill station.

 Even the exterior of the building is Such that’s gives you an exotic feel. it has so much like 

#An Alumnus corner 

# A performance area for bands 

#A smoking zone

# a lawn with a tree right at the entry 

# a huge sitting on ground, first and second floor 

# Sitting space with a window view

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Sipping Caliente – A Drink with Chilli’s


If you  don’t take alcohol like me and when you are at parties all you have is Mojhito Or juice based mocktails which are loaded with sugar and calories. And if you are looking for low calorie stuff all you have is diet cokes of the world. So while I have a mocktail in hand all I  crave for is some spicy food to combat the sweet drinks rather sugary stuff that I am sipping on.

I have tried a drink called Chilli Mojhito at Laat Sahab in Garden Galleria noida and it had green chillies in it,  so I quite liked it. Back then I never thought there would be a non alcoholic bottled drink that would have chilli’s in it.

A blogger and Author friend Karan was working on a project of launching a drink in India and he mentioned to me that this drink has a very…

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