15 Most weird Indian Foods.


  1. Benami Kheer: We are not sure where this without a name (benami ) kheer has got its name. But you ll be shocked to know the ingredient of this food. You cant imagine in dreams this weirdest combination, so let’s unveil the main ingredient of this food is Garlic yes its Garlic (eeeeuu !!!!! )., but this kheer does not taste like garlic and we bet you it’s a pure delight!
  2. Onion Halwa : As the name says it the major ingredient of this dish is onion. Onion is cooked so well that it loses all its smell. Now you would say then why it is used in the first place. To your disappointment even we are also wondering and have no answer to this one.
  3. Brain fry Curry : Bheja Fry or brain fry is a curry dish made of Lambs brain. It one of the favourite dish of…

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Stuffed Parwal on a bed of Paneer


So this recipe is dedicated to the parwal love of my hubby. As much as I dislike this vegetable, & he simply loves it.so I m on a constant mission to create new dishes out of this so boring vegetable to please him.

Though this one is the most tolerable recipe so far, as it had one of my favorite ingredients Yes Paneer ! in it.


Parwal( snake guard ) preparation

Take 7 peices of large size parwal , grate 1 and half peice and peel the skin off of rest 6, and remove the seeds from inside to stuff them.

For stuffing

  • 1 Big onion finely chopped
  • 1 Big chopped tomato
  • 1 green chilli
  • 1 spoon vegetable masalla
  • Few cloves of chopped garlic
  • Cumin seeds
  • 100 gm Grated Paneer
  • 1 grated parwal

For bed of Paneer

  • 250 gm Paneer ( grated. Use 100 gms in the stuffing from…

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Summer gets sweeter at Baris 


If you have a sweet tooth or you love everything sweet. Or may be you are like me who loves to hog on to desserts first before you move to main food, then Baris awaits your visit to indulge your taste buds into a sweet temptation.

A menu that is curated by their chef Mr. , the entire range of summer dessert is loaded with summer cool ingredients, that represents the perfect blend of hand picked summer fussion  dishes. And the portion sizes are so indulging that you won’t mind those extra calories.

Best part of the food at Baris is that it marinated the food much longer to achieve the perfect blend of spices and taste unlike the over cooking that we generally do while making food, that you end up getting the taste of spices only.


And even I felt the extension of this in their summertime sweetness Dessert…

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8 Things to do at Huda City Centre before you are Out 

Eat ! Drink ! Relax ! Shop!  Smile ! Beauty ! Health!  Money! 

Yes, you can do it all at Huda City Centre Metro Station before you step out of this place. 

If you are hitting your office early morning or hitting back from work  to Delhi on Metro or vice versa, this place definitely deserve some of your time and attention. The entire station apart from the metro station is divided into 2 Metropark courts : The North Court and South Court and both these options have plethora of things to offer to you and off course the best still being food, let’s have a look at it all.


The most important thing to do of all the things is to indulge in some seriously sinful food. And when I say Sinful I seriously mean it. From breakfast to lunch & dinner options to Ice creams to doughnuts to chocolates to pasteries they have it all. And these places are offers quick take aways as well as Dine in options with nice sitting. So start your day with food or end your day with food before you get on your metro ride. 


Well well well not the hard drinks, cocktails, beer and wine is what you thought then let me tell you , I was talking of Tea,  coffee,  smoothies , fresh juices & mocktails. This place has plenty of options for hot and cold beverages. So check out instant thirst quenchers right before you begin your ride. 


Yes,  I mean it to the core. If you had a tough Day at work or you partied harder a night before and seriously looking to hit a place for a quick relaxing massage. This place ” Royal Hamam” is the place to go for before you get going. I am sure you will thank me for this one at least. A quick 30 min session starts at 1500/- and trust me your body badly needs this specially a neck and shoulder massage for the people who are hooked to laptops in their  Offices ,Go for one now and thank me later.


What do we need to smile,  a set of healthy teeth to sparkle within while you stretch your lips across your jawline. Well I exactly mean the same. Yes!Guessed it right there is a dental clinic at this metro station. And I am not sure why it is here in the first place on the first floor. Check it out and keep your smile on as the Dental clinic says ” Keep Smiling ”  aap Huda City Centre Metro Station per hai aur Ye gaddi aage nahi jayegi so get a tooth work done. Ha ha ha 😀😁


Yes,  you are surely saying “are you serious”.And my answer is yes I am. And this comes from my personal experiences. Imagine a day when you got late from office and you had a B-Day / anniversary party to attend back home and you missed to pick a gift. But no time on hand to go shopping. Scenario 2: your little one back home need those pair of tights / pair of white shocks or a swimming gadget for his sports day tomorrow and you are already late for home. Scenario 3 : early morning next day it’s your bosses B-Day and before you reach home it will be too late and next day morning you have a meeting at 9.

Well all the above is sorted from a range of options from Archie’s to Decathlon to The Chocolate room. So shopping for any of these is like the easiest thing for you, without having to hit the market. Don’t expect Archie’s to be open at 9 am but the Chocolate room would be to your rescue for sure early morning to carry a B-Day cake or chocolate to office, rest all are at 10 am.
And if you those home managers who have to pick up vegetables that needs to be cooked for dinner than also you have an option here.

Cool, Naa 🤗


Now since you have so much already at Huda city why should pampering the beautiful you be left to a chance. This place with its beauty salon “Hair & Shanti ” fixes your beauty worries. Have a bushy brows or hairy arms and hitting a party after work no issues simply step into this place and have it sorted before u head home or hit the dance floor directly. 


Well have included this in my list all for 2 things one is the Decathlon store and it’s extension on the ground floor as a basketball and play area. And second is the juice counter  #Health starts here counter in the north court. Or simply talk your heart out in the stone garden with a friend under the sun, moon or stars .Lastly take stairs while you climb to catch a metro or take the stairs down while stepping out. 


Okay I am not talking of loading money on your metro card,  off course you do that too. But here I am talking of the ATM machines at the Huda City Centre to your cash rescue if you are running low on pink or any currency for that matter. So don’t look out for a ATM machine near your office,  just make use of these. 

I am sure you knew most of these options but I am sure at least one of these options were not known to you. If your answer is yes than just leave a comment. And don’t miss to share your feedback and views.

Girl Friends are the best Detox Therapy. Ditch the boys and Hang out with girls

While most of us might love to be in company of boys and girls but sometimes its a great “THERAPY” to be with your girls friends. It’s important to have at least one of such gang in your life to bounce back to in all your highs and low in what life brings. Its said you tend to exchange a lot of positive energy when you are with  people you love and this is not just one  there are many merits to choose to hang out with your Girl friends. They are like that cushion after a bumpy ride, a calm riverside after a hot day, just that extra sweetness for the bitter world.


Today I had one such great get together at FLYP at MTV #GIRLSONTOP event and we were all like we should have more of such meet ups frequently. And that made me give a thought to this as to why it is so important to have such girlfriends to let your hair down with.

  1. Talk your heart out : Yaaa that’s what all girls love to do. You can talk anything and everything under the sun without being judged while you are hanging out with girls. No stares making you feel am I alright, no thinking before talking it out and endless clicking.

2. Discuss make up , fashion , hair : Yaaaa all women love to dress up and feel good when they get compliments. So with your girls you can be talking of all the make over stuff without sounding too obsessed about it. Feel good and making other feel good is an integral part of a women, after all we are blessed with the ability to carry a life within. and born with looking cute and pretty in all what we do. so thhoda touch up toh banta hai3. Talk about the man of your life   : we all love them and they are necessary evil in our lives. but sometimes its good to talk about him with your girlfriend and trust me you will get a new perspective to your relationship.

4.Laugh out loud / Shout out loud : No wonder the birds that chirp are female, the room has a different eccho when its all full of gorgeous ladies. and we love to hear our voices and always end up testing our vocal codes. who needs music when we have our own. And its a therapy. Shout out loud if you are stressed and do it with your girls even better.
WhatsApp Image 2017-03-22 at 11.42.02 PM5.Bitch about bad  in your life : It never matters whether the men / women we are bitching about is a saint and at times just saying it without really meaning it makes all the difference & is a feel good factor , Try it. Nidaras is highly infectious and stimulates us in releasing a stress. do you when you don’t mean it and don’t be mean while doing it.

6. Lots of positive vibes : Girls are all about high on energy and this energy is infectious to the core… you meet them and you feel that. Its like  that speechless talking a smiling face does to another. WhatsApp Image 2017-03-22 at 9.23.05 PM7. Good to be lost and still find ones solace : At times it is good to be lost and cherish that state , it is not important that we have hell lot of goals to achieve but being happy is the core to us. And only a women understand how much it goes to manage when a friend states that she is a homemaker. That’s the biggest and most thankless job to do and no man can understand that.

8.You don’t hog on food but start count on calories : This is one thing you can never do with guys around, only girls have that. we tend to pretend what we are not and deep within we love to eat but we will start sharing health tips. and you feel good and determined to achieve those health goals now.

9. Discover the best shopping places : Boys might help you find the best places to chill out / pick liquor  / any kind of juggad  , but no one decodes the shopping guide better than your girls friends. from picking up that copy of a branded bag to a steal deal on designer clothes to quick fixes they know it all and love sharing it too.

10. Balance it all and we do it best  : from balancing out relationships, to work and personal lives a women can do it all and when you meet your girl friend this feeling gets even stronger when you meet girl-ees who are not just balancing work ,home but are also dotting mothers to at times sibling , spouse or their real kids.After all each one of us play multiple roles from being a daughter, to a sister to a friend to a wife to a mother and so on.

So next time when in doubt do a girls day out and hang out with pretty faces, trust me you will feel the world around is beautiful., if you don’t feel that  then just  take a selfie  and trust me you will not be disappointed with the beauty on the lens.


The Junction – A Beautiful Stop Over 


When you go to a place that has lot of green around. A place that houses more flowers in the restaurant then the cutlery in its kitchen, lot of open space,  lots of platers and quite a few trees too.

This junction is a amalgamation of lots of cute little spaces done in a very beautiful way. Whenever I see some green area / lawn / garden / water body in a restaurant, the only thing that I have on my mind is that I am going to come back to this place with my kids.

This is one big place that is beautifully crafted and has so many small spaces to fall in love with the cuisines it houses. 

Getting to food well I started with my all time favorite virgin Pinacolada being a coconut and a pineapple lover this is always on my list. And virgin marry being…

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Relish & Rewind at United Coffee House Rewind


United Coffee House Rewind – UCHRewind at Dlf Mall of India , Noida is unique in a lot of ways.

From  the cool blue color exterior, a colored version of the original place at Connought Place (CP) to this really cool sitting space which is very well utilized to offer maximum sitting, the elaborate menu that seriously spoils you with choices and off course a see through kitchen.

Normally Sunday’s are like those lazy days when you have already stepped into Monday blues. And after a heavy breakfast you are not able to decide whether to go out for Lunch or have a light one at home. Same happened with us and we thought of stepping out to Dlf Mall India for lunch.

This Mall really spoils you with a lot of dine-in choices.We finally settled down for UCHRewind as I wanted to have my coffee and my husband wanted…

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