Wholewheat & Gram flour Burfi


When it comes to Indian sweets , i love making them more than anything. Most of the time it reminds me of my mother making it and rest I personally love every indian sweets.

So today I am going to use the leftover from the Ghee making ( I mix half a bowl of Whole wheat flour while making ghee ), this Leftover mixture of Ghee and Whole wheat flour is an excellent base for making cake , halwa and Sweets. The benefit of using this is ,I don’t have to add any Ghee in the recipe and is healthy too. So let’s have a look at the ingredients.

1. 1 bowl Ghee left over ( wholewheat + Ghee residue )

2. 1 Bowl Besan ( Gram flour )

3. 3/4 bowl Jaggery powder or Peice of Jaggery

4. Handful Almond, Raisins & Cardamoms -2

Since my kids don’t like…

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