Healthy Snacking from Sattviko


I can never have my cup of tea without something by its side to keep me company for the Tea, well I am speaking of the Munchies. Ever since I started having tea mom used to tell me to always have it with something to avoid gas issues. And it’s a habit now.

So here I got my hands on some really amazing Products from #Sattviko , a Healthy snacking brand that offers taste and tradition in healthy Snacking options.

Sattviko came from the word Sattvik which means purest form of Food in ancient Indian medicine and that’s what quite literally their products resonates.

Sattviko Khakhara Chips :

Khakhara chips , one of those chips that are healthy unlike the fried potato chips for two reasons , firstly these are mini Khakhara’s so off course they have wheat flour as the major ingredient and secondly they are baked not fried…

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