Assamese Food Promotion at Novotel by Home Chef Gitika Saika


When you are in a city different than your home town , and it’s the festival season down there you definitely tend to miss the festivity and most importantly the food.

Every festival is marked with the food and Food preparations that remain with us wherever we go. Kati Bihu is among the most important celebrations in Assam and is in the start of the Kartik Maas ( month) and is a holiday in Assam. Home Chef Gitika Saika who is already known for bringing the unexplored and unknown cuisines to the table has curated a fresh new menu for the Assamese Food Promotion at Food Exchange in Hotel Novotel Aerocity for the Home chef series 1 and it’s worth a visit.

When I hear of the food festivals from North East , first thing that strikes me is their non veg dishes. But I was amazed to see 75%…

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