Benefits of Radish & a radish recipe



Radish commonly caller Mooli is not loved by many and is a veggie that has got more jokes on its consumption than the commonly known benefits.

So why should we include this wonder veggie in our list , here’s few points to consider.

High source of Vitamin C Radish can contribute 25% of your daily requirements with 100gm consumption helps rebuild tissues , blood vessels and also keeps your teeth and bones healthy.

Aids digestion: Radish is high on fiber as they contain indigestible carbohydrates,this keeps your system flushed and functioning with regularity. and these properties also makes it an ideal veggie to relieve congestion.

Cures cold and cough: with its anti-congestive properties Radish helps in clearing the mucus formed in your throat, thus it’s important to include in your diet to improves your immunity.

Prevents Cancer :Since radish is rich in phytochemicals and anthocynins serving as anti-carcinogenic properties. Additionally…

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