Papa Buns now in Indirapuram


When you see a new concept in food retailing , you always want to have it around ,  nearer to your resident so that you don’t have to wish for a time machine to help you in the hour of craving. 

Ever since the Satyaniketan store of Papa Bun started appearing in Insta feeds, I was so looking forward to visit this place as it was doing Fresh breads menu ( May be subway of India – We bake every day ). And never knew when you are seeking for something it’s equally  seeking for you. 

Mr Amit Mathur – a food enthusiast himself decides to open a Papa Bun in Indirapuram at a walking distance from my place. And I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to just go and grab these yummy looking bread and bun dishes, probably that’s where they have got this name “Papa Buns”…

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