15 Most weird Indian Foods.


  1. Benami Kheer: We are not sure where this without a name (benami ) kheer has got its name. But you ll be shocked to know the ingredient of this food. You cant imagine in dreams this weirdest combination, so let’s unveil the main ingredient of this food is Garlic yes its Garlic (eeeeuu !!!!! )., but this kheer does not taste like garlic and we bet you it’s a pure delight!
  2. Onion Halwa : As the name says it the major ingredient of this dish is onion. Onion is cooked so well that it loses all its smell. Now you would say then why it is used in the first place. To your disappointment even we are also wondering and have no answer to this one.
  3. Brain fry Curry : Bheja Fry or brain fry is a curry dish made of Lambs brain. It one of the favourite dish of…

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