8 Things to do at Huda City Centre before you are Out 

Eat ! Drink ! Relax ! Shop!  Smile ! Beauty ! Health!  Money! 

Yes, you can do it all at Huda City Centre Metro Station before you step out of this place. 

If you are hitting your office early morning or hitting back from work  to Delhi on Metro or vice versa, this place definitely deserve some of your time and attention. The entire station apart from the metro station is divided into 2 Metropark courts : The North Court and South Court and both these options have plethora of things to offer to you and off course the best still being food, let’s have a look at it all.


The most important thing to do of all the things is to indulge in some seriously sinful food. And when I say Sinful I seriously mean it. From breakfast to lunch & dinner options to Ice creams to doughnuts to chocolates to pasteries they have it all. And these places are offers quick take aways as well as Dine in options with nice sitting. So start your day with food or end your day with food before you get on your metro ride. 


Well well well not the hard drinks, cocktails, beer and wine is what you thought then let me tell you , I was talking of Tea,  coffee,  smoothies , fresh juices & mocktails. This place has plenty of options for hot and cold beverages. So check out instant thirst quenchers right before you begin your ride. 


Yes,  I mean it to the core. If you had a tough Day at work or you partied harder a night before and seriously looking to hit a place for a quick relaxing massage. This place ” Royal Hamam” is the place to go for before you get going. I am sure you will thank me for this one at least. A quick 30 min session starts at 1500/- and trust me your body badly needs this specially a neck and shoulder massage for the people who are hooked to laptops in their  Offices ,Go for one now and thank me later.


What do we need to smile,  a set of healthy teeth to sparkle within while you stretch your lips across your jawline. Well I exactly mean the same. Yes!Guessed it right there is a dental clinic at this metro station. And I am not sure why it is here in the first place on the first floor. Check it out and keep your smile on as the Dental clinic says ” Keep Smiling ”  aap Huda City Centre Metro Station per hai aur Ye gaddi aage nahi jayegi so get a tooth work done. Ha ha ha 😀😁


Yes,  you are surely saying “are you serious”.And my answer is yes I am. And this comes from my personal experiences. Imagine a day when you got late from office and you had a B-Day / anniversary party to attend back home and you missed to pick a gift. But no time on hand to go shopping. Scenario 2: your little one back home need those pair of tights / pair of white shocks or a swimming gadget for his sports day tomorrow and you are already late for home. Scenario 3 : early morning next day it’s your bosses B-Day and before you reach home it will be too late and next day morning you have a meeting at 9.

Well all the above is sorted from a range of options from Archie’s to Decathlon to The Chocolate room. So shopping for any of these is like the easiest thing for you, without having to hit the market. Don’t expect Archie’s to be open at 9 am but the Chocolate room would be to your rescue for sure early morning to carry a B-Day cake or chocolate to office, rest all are at 10 am.
And if you those home managers who have to pick up vegetables that needs to be cooked for dinner than also you have an option here.

Cool, Naa 🤗


Now since you have so much already at Huda city why should pampering the beautiful you be left to a chance. This place with its beauty salon “Hair & Shanti ” fixes your beauty worries. Have a bushy brows or hairy arms and hitting a party after work no issues simply step into this place and have it sorted before u head home or hit the dance floor directly. 


Well have included this in my list all for 2 things one is the Decathlon store and it’s extension on the ground floor as a basketball and play area. And second is the juice counter  #Health starts here counter in the north court. Or simply talk your heart out in the stone garden with a friend under the sun, moon or stars .Lastly take stairs while you climb to catch a metro or take the stairs down while stepping out. 


Okay I am not talking of loading money on your metro card,  off course you do that too. But here I am talking of the ATM machines at the Huda City Centre to your cash rescue if you are running low on pink or any currency for that matter. So don’t look out for a ATM machine near your office,  just make use of these. 

I am sure you knew most of these options but I am sure at least one of these options were not known to you. If your answer is yes than just leave a comment. And don’t miss to share your feedback and views.

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