Girl Friends are the best Detox Therapy. Ditch the boys and Hang out with girls

While most of us might love to be in company of boys and girls but sometimes its a great “THERAPY” to be with your girl friends. It’s important to have at least one of such gang in your life to bounce back to in all your high and low in what life brings. It’s said you tend to exchange a lot of positive energy when you are with people you love and this is not just one there are many merits to choose to hang out with your Girl friends. They are like that cushion after a bumpy ride, a calm riverside after a hot day, just that extra sweetness for the bitter world.


Today I had one such great get together at FLYP at MTV #GIRLSONTOP event and we were all like we should have more of such meet ups frequently. And that made me give a thought to this as to why it is so important to have such girlfriends to let your hair down with.

  1. Talk your heart out : Yaaa that’s what all girls love to do. You can talk anything and everything under the sun without being judged while you are hanging out with your girls. No stares that making you feel am I alright, no thinking before talking it out and endless clicking.

2. Discuss make up , fashion , hair : Yaaaa all women love to dress up and feel good when they get compliments. So with your girls you can be talking of all the make over stuff without sounding too obsessed about it. Feel good and making others feel good is an integral part of a women, after all we are blessed with the ability to carry a life within. and born with looking cute and pretty in all what we do. so thhoda touch up toh banta hai

3. Talk about the man of your life : we all love them and they are necessary evil in our lives. but sometimes its good to talk about him with your girlfriend and trust me you will get a new perspective to your relationship. You may start loving the one you hate or May be fall in love too.

4.Laugh out loud / Shout out loud : No wonder the birds that chirp are female, the room has a different echoooooo when its all full of gorgeous ladies. and we love to hear our voices and always end up testing our vocal codes. who needs music when we have our own. And its a therapy. Shout out loud if you are stressed and do it with your girls even better.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-22 at 11.42.02 PM

5.Bitch about bad in your life : It never matters whether the men / women we are bitching about is a saint or a sinner, at times just saying it without really meaning it makes all the difference & is a feel good factor too , Try it. Nindaras is highly infectious and stimulates us in releasing our stress. do it when you don’t mean it and don’t be mean while doing it.

6. Lots of positive vibes : Girls are all about high on energy and this energy is infectious to the core… you meet them and you feel that. Its like that speechless talking a smiling face does to another.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-22 at 9.23.05 PM

7. Good to be lost and still find ones solace : At times it is good to be lost and cherish that state , it is not important that we have hell lot of goals to achieve but being happy is the core to us. And only a women understand how much it goes to manage when a friend states that she is a homemaker. That’s the biggest and most thankless job to do and no man can understand that. And a working women has two world’s to manage.

8.You don’t hog on food but start count on calories : This is one thing you can never do with guys around, only girls have that. we tend to pretend what we are not and deep within we love to eat but we will start sharing health tips. and you feel good and determined to achieve those health goals now.

9. Discover the best shopping places : Boys might help you find the best places to chill out / pick liquor / any kind of juggad , but no one decodes the shopping guide better than your girl friends. from picking up that copy of a branded bag to a steal deal on designer clothes to quick fixes they know it all and love sharing it too.

10. Balance it all and we do it best : from balancing out relationships, to work and personal lives a women can do it all and when you meet your girl friend this feeling gets even stronger when you meet girl-ees who are not just balancing work ,home but are also dotting mothers to at times sibling , spouse or their real kids.After all each one of us play multiple roles from being a daughter, to a sister to a friend to a wife to a mother and so on.

So next time when in doubt do a girls day out and hang out with pretty faces, trust me you will feel the world around is beautiful., if you don’t feel that then just take a selfie and trust me you will not be disappointed with the beauty on the lens.


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