Sooner the Better -Your Time to Look Up is NOW

Well goes the Saying “sooner the better”, if we pick up the Real estate Category. Staying in Metro city and coming from non metro cities , the biggest dream the eyes eye is to own a house some day.
To come to a house every evening that feels like home, that belongs to you. Every corner of the house should reminds you of a most valued possession one can have, more so when you share it with someone special – your Family , to whom you #lookup the most in this world.

The stories goes back when we knew we want to buy a house rather a flat but when , what , where , how seemed like long fetched questions. It was a quite afternoon over the weekend and we visited one of our relative from his hometown. She was staying in this house which she has bought couple of years back from GDA and now in sometime she was shifting to a new flat done with all modern amenities by a renowned builder. while we were chit chatting over a cup of tea, i mentioned that we might plan to buy a house some day.

She probed us about our plans and then gave the golden piece of advice to us. “Sooner is better ” , whatever you may do , neither you ll have sufficient money to look out for your dream home nor would you have time therefore “START TODAY”. if you will start visiting the properties there is a chance that you might zero down on one and can go for it. Plan remains a plan till you dont execute or translate it to actions. so dont plan, action your plan.

We were kicked to the core and thought she is right, but then looking at our bank balance we knew for sure that its not the Time for us.
Yes Sooner the Better it is
but may be later for us it is.

But trust me her words did do some magic to both of us, and it was the next weekend when we started visiting the sample flats, within a months time had a very good options to look at. we started saving every bit possible, and started to to dig into all the money which possibly we could put together to go for down payment.

You would not believe ,we had planned to go for a flat -2BHK and while visiting the sample flats we always wanted to check out the bigger options, and always insured to check out the Penthouse option if the Builder was offering. and after coming home we did the calculation for the Penthouse only and would keep picking or dropping a project on that background only.

After doing all calculations in order to get rid of the monthly rent cycle we decided to pick a flat which is ready to move in, therefore we zeroed on this project. again going by our newly developed taste , still went to see the Pent House, but going by all calculations still cudnt match up the down payment. therefore we settled for a 3 BHK.

But within 2 months of shifting to this house, my husband got a good appraisal and within 5 months i got a new job, with a great offer. Since that day till date we kept regretting our decision that we could not go for the Penthouse. had we stretched a little we could have made it there.

Staying in the same building whenever we #LOOKUP to the 11th floor where they have the penthouse we live with the regret of not being able to take the hard decision of going for it ,with come what may attitude.
Now the Penthouse is 4 times the original cost.

So while you #Lookout for a house to buy , you must always #Lookup to what you think you can afford as in times to come what you couldn’t afford can definitely be more affordable then you can Imagine.

So “Sooner the better is Sooner and Bigger the Better “. So always #LOOKUP before you look down and settle for average.

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